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Design Festa Gallery Spring Exhibition Collection

From March 22nd to the 28th, Mimi Hana Threads will be exhibiting her works in Harajuku's Design Festa Gallery West Wing (原宿デザイン・フェスタ・ギャラリー西).

From March 22nd to the 25th, you can find Mimi's exhibition in the West Art Corner next to registration. 
From March 26th to the 28th, you can find her in room 2-C in the West Wing. You can refer to the map shown on this page. 

Below you can find what will be displayed and what is on sale. Masks and fabric button jewelry will be sold and sent immediately.

Embroidery works will be prepared after the exhibition. Depending on the amount of orders, it may take some time to finish your jewelry. For example, one sakura flower takes 3 hours to complete due to the careful detailing embroidery needs. Your patience and cooperation is appreciated. 

Currently working on 0 orders.
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