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This mask is good for those who are desire a mature look. The original fabric was made for a men's yukata or summer kimono. I decided it would also be a great mask. The pattern is woven in a way that represents a tapestry, which is great for added protection. 


The masks come in either a medium or a large and are 5 layers thick. The outer layer is the cotton pattern, the underneath are four layers of cotton gauze specifically designed for masks. They also fit nicely without flaring up on the sides. Here I am seen wearing the medium size.


I recommend children up to 5th or 6th grade to wear the small size, and both men and women up to 180 cm wear the medium size, and any taller should wear the large size. To be sure, here are the measurements of the mask sizes:

  • small: 16 cm long at the top, 6.5 cm long on the sides, 17 cm long at the chin.
  • medium: 16 cm long at the top, 6 cm long on the sides, 16 cm long at the chin.
  • large: 19 cm long at the top, 9 cm long on the sides, 19 cm long at the chin.

Blue Striped Mask

¥650 通常価格
  • It is recommended to wear multiple masks throughout the day. If you remove your mask to eat, it is recommended to replace it with a new one once you have finished and put your mask back on. Keep your used masks in a clean pouch to wash later.

    Washing your masks is as easy as doing laundry. You can either wash them with your other cotton clothes on a normal cycle and hang to dry, or you can hand wash them in the sink with soap then hang to dry. If you have a clothes dryer at home and dry your mask in the machine, it may shrink the mask to a smaller size. If your mask fits you perfectly already, I recommend not putting your mask in the dryer. 

    Hanging the mask in the sun by the cloth and not the elastic is best, so the elastic does not become over stretched. The sun's UV rays will be strong enough to kill off any microbes and viruses remaining in your mask. 

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